Our Solutions


Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Data protection is simple: take everything and copy it somewhere far away so that it's ready in the event of a disaster. The trick lies in doing this efficiently and reliably. Disaster Recovery solutions from Kiran Smart Computers can help customers protect more data, more often, and recover faster.

Our Speciality

We specialise in Business Continuity services to the SME market. Using 'best of breed' products and services, we are able to provide access to Data, Voice and Space in the event of a disruption to your normal business operations.


Both unplanned and planned downtime take their toll in business productivity and unnecessary expense. But there are cost-effective solutions for these twin challenges. Consult with our engineers about the latest disaster recovery, business continuity and information availability information.

Office 365 Backup Solution: Kiran Smart specialize in:

  • Complete data restoration.
  • Immediate re-routing of all users to remote locations for business continuity.
  • Server hardware, switches and software replacements.
  • Most Knowledgeable IT staff to augment your immediate needs.