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Cleaning Robot

UAV scrubber robot, is a kind of heavy-duty unmanned scrubber integrated with complete autonomous positioning and navigation solutions. The scrubber is jointly developed by the robot team and the cleaning service provider with its experiences of more than one hundred years. It is well-made and endowed with powerful cleaning functions. It integrates washing, drying, dirt absorption, sterilization, ash reduction and other functions. The ingenious front brush head enables the scrubber to go deep into the areas for cleaning, such as the edges and corners. In addition, the scrubber keeps a safe distance while cleaning against the wall, ensuring that every corner can be cleaned. The patented power-saving technology and lithium battery pack with super-large capacity enable the scrubber to have an ultra-long cleaning endurance of 6 hours and to execute uninterrupted cleaning work. The unique 4-stage dirty recycling and filtration system ensures the consistent cleaning effect to the greatest coverages while recycling water resources. This robot is more intelligent than traditional scrubbers. It can create and store the environmental map of the sites to be cleaned and execute planned cleaning tasks autonomously, detect the changes of surrounding environment in real time, and take corresponding actions intelligently during auto-cleaning operation. This robot can make the ground cleaning easier in a more intelligent way, thus saving time, labor and water resources.