Digital Screens

We, Kiran Smart are one of the prominent providing Digital Screens Rental. We can provide you lot of types of a digital screens, they are communicating and non-interactive, and the sizes can be customized according to the location and atmosphere. With interactive Digital Screens, we can load pictures, videos, models and applications etc., user can navigate rendering to their interest, whereas the non-interactive is just a screen without any touch functionality in it. These Digital Screens can be used for various marketing and customer engagement purposes, Digital Screens on rental for events available, digital sanitiser kiosk screens also available, and digital interactive screens for rentals. Our digital screens are most appropriate for media advertising for hospitals, malls, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality sectors.


Reasons to choose us?


We have expert team member’s work relentlessly and are committed to the achievement of the client's requirements. In addition to this, to certify the systematic installation of the Digital Screens board range, we have established a modern technology-based warehouse. Our rental service comes with complete maintenance work as well. Our highly trained team can manage any kind of damage or malfunction of our digital screen. Apart from that, we have the full expertise in installing the digital screens as per your specifications.