Digital Face Payment

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Digital Face Payment


In the last few years, the payment industry has undergone an enormous transformation, moving from a merely paper-based swap over, to plastic and metal cards, to pay through mobile phones. Now, digital payments are the main stream, and the business continues to evolve with services such as cryptocurrency, which is rapidly gaining momentum. With each of the evolutions, payment networks and card issuers should adapt to make sure the security of every transaction remains top-notch—whatever the shape it takes and whatever the channel.


Kiran Smart is a trusted partner of payment networks, banks, and more payment card issuers to enable safe digital payments at scale. Making use of digital enablement solutions such as our payment tokenization services our clients have previously issued and provisioned hundreds of millions of payments collected into mobile wallets.


At Kiran Smart, we are convinced that digital-first does not essentially mean digital-only. Moreover, unique kinds of payment can do, coexist. In working with payment card issuers, we assist them to take the best aspects of each to create suitable, unified customer experiences, with real-time, interactive features to pay and handle both physical and digital face payment methods.


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