Disinfection Robots

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Intelligent disinfection dry mist robot could atomize a variety of disinfectants into super dry mist and disperse to disinfection area in high-speed airflow. It could reach disinfection area by autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and movement, and disinfect the target 360°. It could also support iPad control for quick and central disinfection. Using this disinfection method by robot could save manpower and lower the infection risk effectively; it could make disinfection more efficient and improve safety greatly.


Disinfection Robots Service robots are increasingly present in all fields of medicine. This paper presents an evaluation of the service robots in medicine with the importance of service robots for disinfection in medical institutions. It is shown and defined how more and more disinfectant service robots are contributing to a very simple, fast and operational disinfection in medical institutions. Work of the service robot with all essential components for its function as well as its good and bad sides are in detail expanded and clarified. The objective is to demonstrate the application and use of these service robots in medical institutions which is why Disinfection Robots Kuwait are in high demand. The use of these service robots decreases the risk of infection, the cost of traditional cleaning and disinfection, and most significantly obtains confidence and security in medical facilities.


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