Our Solutions


Hospitality Solutions

Kiran Smart mainly focused on hospitality industries for the solution it needs to satisfy its customer. We have a range of Hospitality solutions. We deliver products and services of professional quality and visual appeal, but with a radical difference in the way we approach the business needs of the hospitality industry. By having a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry's inner processes, as well as its immediate and longterm business goals, we understand the importance of linking the processes between guests, web sites and property management systems (PMS's). Our individualistic approach, delivers cutting-edge, industry-specific web-based solutions that few other companies (if any) can offer a Hotel.

Guestroom Telephones, Media & Connectivity Solutions

Our vision is to innovate unique guestroom communication solutions for the hospitality Industry. Our Partner Cotell International Limited and Teleadapt brings to its position as an advance hospitality guestroom communication solutions design and manufacturing company a rich heritage of innovation.

High Speed Internet Access Solution

SurfSonix allows you to provide easy and reasonable highspeed internet access to your customers. Only broadband internet access is required. The award-winning SurfSonix can be found in companies all over the world including airports, hotels, hospitals etc. for many years. After SurfSonix installation you can operate your own Internet Hotspot and can provide different types of internet access to your customers and charge them for this service. You define the the scope of service (data volume, time, bandwidth, etc.) as well as pricing and keep all revenues. If you are an IT-company and you want to provide a high quality internet hotspot solution to your customers (hotels, motels, exhibitions, etc.) please contact our sales team.

Electronic Menu System e-Menu

An innovative digital technological concept - eMenu developed by Azilen, is the pioneer in launching the digital menu revolutionizing the historic ordering concept through the paper based menu. eMenu comes alive on stylish tablets as well as on network LCD screens located on tables of restaurants and hotels, offering patrons a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services.