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High speed non-stop internet being one of the most critical for hotel guests these days requires special attention of hotel management. To assure high quality of internet  service it is a must for a hotel to build on secured and reliable network equipment, professional software and full operation support already implemented in hotels all over the world.

Take advantage of Surfsonix HSIA Solution and upgrade your hotel, hospital, apartment complex or cruise ship.Entertainment and guest services for hospitality business include crystal clear HD TV channels reception, fully customizable guest services user interface on your screen including food order, modern on-demand movies, TV archive, internet services access as well as guest media player, local touristic information service and many more. Intuitive reception interface for guest requests management, quick setup in hotel of any size for standalone operation or full integration with property management systems is a must to try combined with Surfsonix HSIA solution.


Why HSIA is important for the hotel?

Managing an effective hospitality business needs building a loyal customer base in which guests view you as the “host with the most?” The basic to building that relationship with guests is to recognize and fulfil their needs. High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is essential for the hospitality industry.


In today’s progressively mobile world, guests’ desires centre around high-speed internet access (HSIA). Over 90% of business travellers are carrying a laptop and a rising number of non-business travellers look to access social media and other sites via individual laptops and tablets.


Guests suppose their hotel room to provide the same level of speed, reliability, and convenience that their office or home network provides. High-speed internet access (HSIA) is becoming a differentiator, as many guests precisely ask for it, making it one of the top decisive factors in choosing where to stay.


Why do you need us?


  • We Kiran Smart can deliver the below services

  • Backup technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), and IPTV (Television over IP networks).

  • Providing the scalability to upsurge bandwidth with rising demand

  • Certifying guests are continuously connected to Internet services. Usually, hotels and resorts will devise a mix of wireless and wired connections to certify that guests have 100% connectivity at all times.