Virtual Reality Solution

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Kiran Smart provides a wide range of virtual reality solutions. With more than 10 years of expertise in virtual reality, the company's solutions for virtual reality applications includes 3D displays, High End architectural 360° HD Virtual Reality photography, HTML5 panoramas & Turnoramas for iPad & iPhone, Stereographic (Little Planet) Panoramas, Gigapixel Panoramas. Use your mouse to navigate through the Virtual Tour movie: you can move 360×180. We also offer virtual reality centres with software and hardware and other innovative technologies.

All our solutions for virtual reality are aimed to help our customers to improve their competitive positions in their marketplaces and reduce the risk they take their projects. Antycip Simulation provides to its customers the experience the company has built to use VR as a powerful tool to manage industrial projects in a better way.


360 HD Virtual Tours

What is 360-Degree Virtual Tours: 360-degree virtual tour is here today, and proves to be one of the most engaging and effective selling tools. More than just a photograph, a 360 virtual tour image is an opportunity to experience an environment almost as if you’re there.

The 360 Advantage: 360 tours have been proven to significantly increase the bottom line for many businesses like Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Showrooms, Tourist Spots and many more. For example, hotels that use virtual tours see an average 16% increase in bookings, with a four-week return on investment. It really can be the most cost effective marketing investment a business makes.

The web’s most powerful feature is interactivity, and the 360-degree image is, by its very nature, a highly interactive medium. In fact, when we add special features, it can become even more interactive. That means 360Degree tours can be an extremely powerful selling tool for any application that involves place, space, context or experience.

What makes our tours so effective? They engage your website visitors in the experience of your property. And a high quality, high resolution Virtual Tour is the most engaging tour available today. Instead of just seeing what's there, they can step into the image and see themselves there. That is a crucial step in any sale process. Visitors spend 2-4X more time compared to a text and photo site. The longer they spend the more credible you become and the more likely they are to book with you.

Our Solution: We offer HD Still Photography and HD 360-Degree Virtual Tours for Hotels, Resorts, Universities, Restaurants, Showrooms, Automobiles, Products and much more. Below find below some of our works.